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Technology that Helps Agents
New technology companies keep trying to make agents more obsolete. We decided to take a different approach and that's to help agents.

Evan, a LA agent, saw a need for agents with buyers to get the word out about their clients' needs faster and more efficiently. How are listing agents supposed to know you have a buyer client? AlwaysBuyers was created to solve this; a platform for agents to list their buyer clients' needs so listing agents can find them. Listing agents can now search for agents with buyers that match their listings instantly.

Our platform is like a traditional MLS, but showing active home buyers instead of homes for sale. Now with Always Buyers, listing agents can proactively search for a buyer and start negotiations all from their computer. It is the first non-brokerage specific public website that allows listing agents to search for potential buyers (that have agent representation). The reverse MLS is here and helping agents do their best job for their clients!

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