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How it Works

Always Buyers is a platform for licensed real estate agents that provides them with several tools to better serve their clients.

These tools include:

1) A platform to market your buyer clients to listing agents;

2) The ability to quickly generate cover letters with pictures to send with your offer. The agent can complete the cover letter or the agent can just send a link to the buyer to complete the cover letter; and

3) A platform to reverse prospect.

What is reverse prospecting? It's when listing agents search for buyers online by reaching out to buyers agents who have clients looking for a property like your listing. We don't replace open houses or showings, we just provide agents another tool to find a buyer faster.

Fewer days on market = happier clients.

Cover letters are a valuable tool that helps you get your offers accepted. Always Buyers makes it incredibly easy to create a quick cover letter to supplement your offer. It makes the offer personal and effective.

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Buyer's Agent

  • Sign Up

  • Complete a Profile of Your Buyers (no personal data collected or displayed)

  • Have Listing Agents Reach Out to You

  • Negotiate and Open Escrow

Seller/Listing Agent

  • Sign Up

  • Browse for Agents Who Have Buyers for Your Listings

  • Email the Buyer's Agents

  • Start Negotiating and Open Escrow!


  • What is Always Buyers?
    Always Buyers is a reverse prospecting tool for real estate agents. Our mission is to provide listing agents and their sellers a user-friendly platform to post their "Buyer Needs" and also to find the right buyer for listings faster.

    It’s simple to use. Seller's agents can browse the site. Buyer's agents create a profile for their client and let listing agents shop them.

  • How is Always Buyers different from the traditional home search?
    The traditional real estate search process requires buyers to do all the work by shopping for homes and attend open houses and showings. This process is dated and inefficient. Even more frustrating, listing agents don't know which other agents have buyers that match their listings because demand side (buyers) data is not available.

    While looking at sites like Zillow that list homes for sale, our team came up with a new way to approach the process: create a platform to advertise the buyer, so that sellers who are struggling to make deals can proactively search for a buyer and negotiate. Particularly during a buyer’s market, listing agents struggle to identify agents representing qualified buyers and must resort to endless open houses, email marketing and price drops.

  • I’m a real estate agent. How does Always Buyers help me?
    Always Buyers was created with the agent front and center. After feedback from hundreds of agents across the United States, listing agents expressed frustration that they don't really know how many other agents have buyers that match their listings.

    Always Buyers solves that problem by providing a database that brings demand side data to the surface. It is the first public website that allows listing agents to search for potential buyers, by giving agents a plaform to post their "Buyer Needs."

  • How is my information protected?
    Absolutely no client contact information is ever collected on Always Buyers. We never share your information with third parties. Your client’s anonymity is protected. Only users can contact agents.

  • Can users steal my clients away from me?
    Definitely not! Your client’s anonymity is protected, and you, the agent, are the direct point of contact and the gatekeeper for all communication. No user can contact your buyer directly. There's no way they even can because Always Buyers never collects that information about your clients.

  • I’m selling a house, how do I use Always Buyers?
    Utilize our filters to search for buyers who match your listing’s. Send the buyer's agent an email and start the dialogue.

  • I’m buying a house, how do I use Always Buyers?
    If you’re looking to buy a new home, your agent can simply sign up, complete a profile and customize what you’re looking for in your new digs. Then sit back and let sellers find you.

  • I’m buying or selling a house, but I’m not represented by a real estate agent. Can I still use Always Buyers?
    Yes! We are still working to fully incorporate this feature. Always Buyers can offer Buyers or Sellers agent representation in California only right now. Reach out to our team at to talk to us about your needs.

  • I have feedback about this website. Who can I talk to?
    We’d love to hear from you! All your questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Send us a message at and we can connect you with one of our preferred agents. Thanks!